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SDT-Solutions GmbH

Why AuthCryptor?

  • AuthCryptor efficiently protects against insider attacks.
  • The system combines authentication and end-to-end encryption into one integrated process.
  • The zero-knowledge-protocol secures the integrity, origin and confidentiality of transmitted data even when utilizing unsecure networks.
  • The system is independent from third parties therefore not reliant on the public key or certificate infrastracture.
  • Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks are detected and prevented.
  • No passwords or password equivilant data is sent or stored for the authentication process.
  • The system ensures Perfect Forward Secrecy.
  • The system adheres to guidelines and specifications of the Federal Office for Information Security BSI (Germany) and NIST (U.S.)
  • Existing processes can be upgraded with AuthCryptor.

Areas of Application

Transfer of confidential data

Confidential data such as system-data, images, videostreams can be securely transferred from a remote site.

Remote control of complex systems

Alarm-Systems, Video-Surveillance-Systems, Smart-Homes. Industrial plants etc. can be securely controlled from a remote location.

Access control

Access to buildings and vehicles can be secured by utilizing the authentication part of AuthCryptor.

Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance applications can be secured by AuthCryptor.

Possible alternative for VPN solutions

AuthCryptor can be utilized as an integrated alternative for VPN solutions especially if it is not desired that a user has direct access to the underlying network (e.g. WebServices etc.)

General application

Particularly man-machine interactions can be secured by utilizing AuthCryptor.

About Us

SDT-Solutions GmbH (LLC) is specialized in Authentication- and Encryption-Systems. We support our partners and customers implementing and operating the supplied solutions.

Founded in 2016 our young enterprise comprised of mathematicians and computer scientists operates out of Kappelrodeck / Germany primarily but not exclusively in the german speaking marketplace.

Our Partners

We highly value the relationships to our partners ensuring good cooperation and ensuring success for all parties involved.

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